[ubuntu-in] mailing Lists or Discussion Forums (was Ubuntu India Forum - )

Roshan d_rosh2001 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Sep 29 18:57:56 BST 2007

--- "Ramnarayan.K" wrote:

> mailing lists are good esp for people like me who
> live of very narrow
> bandwidth (recently even 15 kbps) so its good to get
> the discussions
> directly - also while on a forum the choice of
> discussions is purely
> voluntary on mailing lists one has a better chance
> of reading other posts
> and getting educated at the same time and maybe even
> participating
> (involuntarily ;) ) in a discussion - seems a bit
> more natural to me.

In other words, you'll learn the solution of a problem
that you did not face, but there was a possibility
that you could have, and now you know where to find
the solution. Excellent! 

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