[ubuntu-in] mailing Lists or Discussion Forums (was Ubuntu India Forum - )

Onkar Shinde onkarshinde at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 15:42:26 BST 2007

On 9/30/07, Lut4rp <lut4rp at techjugaad.com> wrote:
> Hold on, I think we are not getting the point here... We need a forum to
> accompany the mailing lists, not to replace them! The forums will be an
> easier way to for people to get help, those who arent accustomed to lists.

Isn't GNU/Linux in general about getting accustomed to a new way of
life (or using your computer)? :-)

> - No, I am not new to FOSS, but i still prefer forums to mailing lists
> anyday.
> - The already existing linux forums pertain to linux in-general. We, on the
> other hand need Ubuntu-specific forums.

I think we need forums specific to 'use of Ubuntu in India'.

> - We have proof to the mutual co-existence of forums, mailing lists and the
> IRC channel in the International listing of LoCo teams.

I have nothing against forums in general. What I don't understand is
why searching a information source hosted at a server (forums) is
preferred over searching the contents of your inbox (mailing list).

Apart from that I would really like to see existing wiki grow in
content, http://ubuntu-in.org/wiki/Documentation

Just my Rs. 0.2 :-D

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