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Shakthi Kannan shakthimaan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 09:18:55 BST 2007


My thoughts below:

----- On 9/30/07, Lut4rp <lut4rp at techjugaad.com> wrote:
| 1. I wanted a forum because of the primary ease in accessing them.

It depends.

I can read e-mails from mailing lists when traveling, with mobile
phones. Not everyone is sitting behind a desktop on a
broadband/dial-up connection to read forums. Forums are intuitive, and
more customer-oriented. Developers, in general, prefer mailing lists.

| our main goals in this community is to spread the use of FOSS like Ubuntu. I
| suggest somehow replacing/modifying the lists with the forum.

Each tool is useful in one way or another.

You have to use the right tool for the right tasks, with the right
people, at the right time ... (1)

| I dont think a
| maiing list is that suitable for a country like India where people are still
| new to FOSS.

Are you new to FOSS? :)

| 2. The wiki is not a very good source of India-specific Ubuntu info. It does
| need to be updated. The IRC channel is way too unfamiliar to people in
| India.

Need to learn to get used to the FOSS culture. Also see (1).

| answer them "Goto the wiki, Join the mailing list!". Every time, its the
| same reply, "mailing list? forum nahi hai? XP ka vo forum hai na,
| xxxxxx.com, vaisa?"

There are many forums like linuxquestions.org, linuxforum.com where
people also participate. Nobody said you shouldn't ask Ubuntu
questions there :)


|  6. Taking the ubuntuforums.org example, they arent India-specific, they are
| monstrously huge,

Welcome to the huge FOSS community.

This mailing list is India specific, and does not have heavy traffic.

Please don't top-post, and use plain text when writing e-mails, in future.


Shakthi Kannan

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