[ubuntu-in] [Ubuntu Bangalore Team] The Bangalore team is up and rocking..!

nan budh nanbudh at yahoo.co.in
Sat Oct 27 14:23:59 BST 2007

I am non-Kannada. I think if this work really takes up it will actually serve as an inspiration for similar work in other languages. So i think it will be better if kannad  developers stay on the ubuntu-in list. Of course one could say that starting another forum does not mean they are leaving ubuntu-in main list but the action would change to another location and  non-kannada might not feel the need to participate.

Another point, list is better than forum for a small community. Though the ubuntu india forums are up but one can see that there is not much activity. The reason is that forums work like a notice board. and notice boards work where there are large number of people and since community is not that big yet, members prefer straight talk which is best done through mail list.

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