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Parthan S R parth.technofreak at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 12:54:07 BST 2007

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Taking note of things happening in the past few weeks, I would like to
put some thoughts I have though I want to forbid myself from replying
to any particular post/thread.

[1] Recently the mailing list of the Ubuntu India Loco Team is being
frequently informed about starting up of new groups and teams.
[2] The necessity for taking up indic related works for Ubuntu is felt
and stressed by a lot of people.
[3] Often discussion happens on contribution in terms of documents to
the existing document base of our wiki
[4] Rejuvenation (or how ever you call it) of the Ubuntu India Web Site.

But a few things have been felt concerning to the team which we feel
there is a need to sort it out and make some things clear. If any one
wants to concentrate on specific regions of the Ubuntu project and
feel that the Loco team is not actively concentrating on it, then..

[1] Raise the issue with concrete steps on what you think need to be
done. Just rants on things not being done will lead to /dev/null
[2] Instead of going for new teams, start projects under the Loco team
itself. You can make use of the wiki and mailing list (by using a
special [tag] to indicate related mails).

Thus if you feel language "foo" doesn't have enough focus and work on
it, then start a ubuntu-in-foo *project* under ubuntu-in loco team
instead of starting a ubuntu-foo team itself. This is because

[1] You cause the loco team not to be aware of anything happening in
the foo teams.
[2] People might get confused of the many foo teams which might exist
in parallel to the lubuntu-in oco team
[3] This is nearly breaking the loco team into parts which work in
their own ways. Also this will lead to formation of 100s of foo thinks
as and when some one think they need to.

Please refrain from formation of ubuntu-foo teams which can otherwise
comfortably operate inside the loco team. When one part of the Loco
team is trying to spread the awareness about it, there are other
groups which are proving to be distractive to the process. Please
understand Loco team is nothing about leadership, authority or fame.
It is more about unity and contribution.

If you are anyways not satisfied with the performance of current
responsibility holders, then publicly seek to take up the
responsibility in this mailing list and the matter will be looked up asap.

Hope this makes people understand what our concerns are and do not
again make us repeat the same points in future.

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With Regards,
Parthan aka Technofreak

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