[ubuntu-in] Loaded Ubuntu 7.10 in my desktop

Dinbandhu dinbandhu at sprynet.com
Mon Oct 22 17:06:58 BST 2007

On Mon, 2007-10-22 at 19:49 +0530, 74yrs old wrote:
> Dear Swaroop,
> I appreciate for detailed information.  .I like to test on LiveCD of
> ubuntu (not installed on machine)
> Will you elaborate step by step to install baraha type software .
> First I shall 
> download software from the website (website address please)  on  the
> HDD  in Windows.  Then  with 
> help of LiveCD I shall install the same and run test.  I trust  linux
> baraha software will work just like
> in Windows.

It will ultimately work just like the Baraha system when you are typing.
But the way of setting it up is different. You will not be using
"Baraha" software. You will be using SCIM in Ubuntu. Gora made the
character map for Baraha Hindi according to my instruction, and set it
up to be part of SCIM. It was all discussed with clear instructions on
how to do it, a few months ago on this list. If you have those mails,
you will find it there. Unfortunately, I do not have time right now to
go looking through those mails myself for you. If you kept the
discussion, then you will find it there. It is very clear.


> On 10/22/07, Dinbandhu <dinbandhu at sprynet.com> wrote:
>         On Mon, 2007-10-22 at 07:59 +0530, 74yrs old wrote: 
>         > Whether Telugu and kannada display correctly in the latest
>         version? Is
>         > there phonetic keyboard layout for Telugu and Kannada -
>         similar to
>         > Baraha type in Windows?  Because Ubuntu 7.04 does not
>         display 
>         > character map correctly and there is no phonetic keyboard
>         for Kannada
>         > just like baraha type for windows and as such I am not
>         happy.
>         As per my experience, the character map for Indian languages
>         works just 
>         fine in Ubuntu 7.04. Did you do the install of baraha for SCIM
>         which we
>         had set up a few months back? Now, I have only tested the
>         Hindi version.
>         But I can tell you that the character map for Hindi is
>         perfect-- an 
>         exact mirror image of Baraha Windows. And once Gora and I got
>         the Hindi
>         version proper, then she applied that map to all the remaining
>         Indian
>         languages. And at that point, she requested on this very forum
>         that all 
>         interested parties should please test the languages they know
>         and give
>         feedback. I am not aware that anyone came forward with
>         feedback for
>         those languages. If there are problems with the Kannada or
>         Telugu
>         versions, then that was the time you should have brought
>         detailed report 
>         just as I had done with the Hindi. I am guessing that Kannada
>         and Telugu
>         as well as the rest of the maps should be mostly correct.
>         There are
>         probably a few small changes that need to be made, because of
>         certain
>         difference between Devanagari and these languages' alphabets.
>         But it is
>         not much difference. Why don't you come forward and do the
>         work to check
>         them? I do not know these languages otherwise I would have
>         done it 
>         myself. But it is not the fault of Ubuntu 7.04. There is no
>         such system
>         problem at all. And the software is written. It only needs
>         someone to
>         carefully go through the map and point out the probably 7 or 8
>         simple 
>         corrections that need to be made. And then the work will be
>         done--
>         permanently. For it will apply to all future versions of
>         Ubuntu as well.
>         In fact, I think SCIM works for all various Linux
>         distributions. So why 
>         don't you come forward and test Kannada and Telugu and let us
>         know
>         exactly where the problems are--which letters are wrong--so
>         the matter
>         will be solved.
>         Regards,
>         Swarup
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