[ubuntu-in] How to be a part of Ubuntu Community?

Roshan d_rosh2001 at yahoo.co.in
Mon Oct 22 13:40:26 BST 2007


A few weeks ago, there was post on the list regarding
UbuntuOpenWeek. Today's session begins with a session
by Jono Bacon on how to be a part of the Ubuntu

Please follow the link:

to know more. 

Make sure, you *READ* the rules and *FOLLOW* them. Top
posting and over-quoting have affected this list :P

One (may be I) could also create a page on the
Ubuntu-in wiki on the same lines. However, it depends
if I attend it. 

Oh, BTW, here's a quick guide on how to attend.

Applications -> Internet -> Xchat
Connect to the freenode network (Follow the link for a
quick start: http://www.xchat.org/docs/start/)

Join the channel #ubuntu-classroom (where you'll
learn) adn #ubuntu-classroom-chat (where you can ask
question by adding a prefix "QUESTION" to the

You should be connected to the channels, if everything
is in place. :) 

Note, all discussions are *should* be posted to

Time: 2030 hrs IST. (i.e. 08:30 pm, TODAY)

ubunturos @ freenode

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