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nan budh nanbudh at yahoo.co.in
Tue Oct 16 13:10:02 BST 2007

  A few words on showing a learning path to a new ubuntu developer.

For a person outside the computer field, sheer volume of things to be learned is overwhelming and one feels lost. It would be very helpful if one is told in the very beginning that to achieve xyz you would need to know at least "abc" and "def" things well and that here are a few helpful tutes on these topics.

Second(this is aimed at creating a strong developer community):

Leaving out some good engineering colleges, there are tens of engineering colleges all across punjab (i assume the situation is no different in other states) in which there are no good teachers and students learn almost on their own. Linux is badly taught and badly represented.
For these students(mind you they are in lakhs) if we were to provide a one stop budding developer section it would not only be according to the ubuntu philosophy but would also help widen ubuntu community and help the operating system evolve.


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