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nan budh nanbudh at yahoo.co.in
Mon Oct 15 03:24:06 BST 2007

welcome Dr Mohan,
I would extend all possible help you require. I am new to linux /ubuntu too. 
27 years? whoa! I remember IBM came to chandigarh in early 80 and DOS was introduced in our school. But GUI windows came in 95, no?I do understand that mac's gui is earlier than windows.
anyway welcome sir. since you want to experiment why dont you start learning python? its quite fun. i have just started on python and django.
And lookout for ubuntu 7.10. I have been on 6.06 since release and am eagerly waiting for 7.10. 
regards nanbudh

Mohan Dasaratha Rao <dasaratharao at gmail.com> wrote: Hi everybody!
I am new Linux and Ubuntu. I have been using MS windows for nearly 27 years and was yearning to change to open source software. Ubuntu has given me an opportunity to try now. My PC has a dual boot arrangement with Windows XP and Ubuntu  7.04. I am writing this e-mail after booting my PC with Ubuntu OS. I am a retired mechanical engineer and looking to explore the new technologies and frontiers. I am pleased to join the mailing list to know more about Ubuntu, tweak it and experiment with it. Though I am not a coder, I am preparing myself to become one. Greetings to everyone. 

D. Mohan
Even at 58, learning never ceases!
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