[ubuntu-in] Scheduling programmes to startup and shudown

Venkatesh Nandakumar venryuec at iitr.ernet.in
Sun Oct 14 19:46:18 BST 2007

ramnarayan.k at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi
> was wanting to know of what software /  command can be used to schedule
> the start up and shutdown of programmes under Linux/ Ubuntu.
> For eg. If i want thunderbird (or any software) to start up
> automatically at 2 am an stop at 3 am (and if i want to repeat this
> start and stop) what command / programme can i use.
> I tried googling but am thinking that the right key words are not being
> used so am not getting the correct (or approximate) results.
> advice and help will be appreciated.
> thanks
> ram
cron does the job, and there are a number of gui's which simplifies
the process.. not exactly sure of the name.. google for cron. man cron

Venkatesh Nandakumar

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