[ubuntu-in] The Ubuntu-IN forums are now ON!

innercircle at p2paccounts.com innercircle at p2paccounts.com
Sun Oct 7 18:09:41 BST 2007

Quoting Lut4rp <lut4rp at techjugaad.com>:

> Hear, hear!
> The official Ubuntu India forums are finally on! Now the Ubuntu India
> community has all the three communities on! (read: forum, mailing
> list, IRC).
> I hope the forums will be a grand success. Please tell your friends
> and spread the word. And yeah, someone shoot a mail to M$ India also,
> they'll be interested as well! >:)
> Jokes apart, here's what YET needs to be done:
> 1. Someone from the Council will need to make a forum.ubuntu-in.org
> URL. Until that time, the forums can be accessed at my URL,
> http://ubuntu.techjugaad.com
> 2. We need to modify the wiki to accommodate the details of the forum also.
> 3. I will need friends & volunteers who can help with the moderation
> and maintenance. There's a specific forum on the board where you can
> apply for that.
> 4. Vivek Khurana has kindly agreed to make a Ubuntu-like design for
> the board. That shall be on as soon as done.
> Suggestions welcome as usual :D
> Have fun!
> Pratul

Great job!

May I suggest to include a section for Ubuntu in Business as penetrating into
the enterprise desktop would do a lot of good to Indian enterprises and



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