[ubuntu-in] Gutsy 64 bit troubles.

Prateek Sharma prateek3.14 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 06:01:56 GMT 2007

On 11/27/07, Parthan S R <parth.technofreak at gmail.com> wrote:

> Have a look at basic netiquettes. Please quote only the portion of
> text you are replying to or which fits into your reply's context.
> Quoting the entire previous mail (where the previous poster might have
> also done the same mistake), will
> [1] Make your mail big. Mailing list have per-post size restriction
> and your mail might need to be approved by the list mod.
> [2] When people check your mail, they see a lot of text and may just
> stop reading it.
> Also, please do not top post. Put your reply text below the quoted
> text to which you are replying.
> Hope you understand that these netiquettes are good only :)

My bad, sorry. I used gmail's quick reply feature in the html-only mode.
Hope this format is OK?

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