[ubuntu-in] Gutsy 64 bit troubles.

nan budh nanbudh at yahoo.co.in
Sat Nov 24 16:05:42 GMT 2007

Biju Mathew <exx_2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>Actually You should try the fix too. The bug has been filed twice on >launchpad for Sis. I beleive ti does get rectified but it brings in a new >error involving APCI or something of that sort. Im on dialup so I find it >hard to  get that loaded :( . Nanbudh should have the link . So just send >him a message he should eb able to help .

Sorry friends i have not been checking my mail regularly bacause of my Gutsy trouble. THANK YOU FRIENDS FOR ALL THE INPUT.
I have looked around a lot and have chatted wherever i could at channels and i have received the input that in all probability it is the SiS integrated graphics which is to be blamed. Now i shall look for a buying a cheap card. any input on that would be appreciated too.

For the SiS bug link: i have these two links marked:
Though its another thing that the fix did not work for me. I think its time to make my wallet a bit lighter :-).  

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