[ubuntu-in] Gutsy 64 bit troubles.

nan budh nanbudh at yahoo.co.in
Thu Nov 22 02:20:12 GMT 2007

Prateek Sharma <prateek3.14 at gmail.com> wrote: Hi folks,
 I  managed to install Gutsy AMD64 on my acer aspire 5000 laptop. I
have 256 MB RAM, out of which 32 MB is reserved as graphics memory.
However, the kernel only 'detects' 150 MB main memory.(according to
'free'). My system naturally runs real sluggish due to this. Where did
the ~70 MB go?
I ran memtest86, it showed no problems.
This _is_ a kernel problem, right? Anyone having a similar experience?
Let me tell u in the beginning i am so troubled that i am seriously considering Open SUSE. I recently talked with a SUSE user asking him is it debian based(like ubuntu) and u he replied, 'Its not debian based, its awesome based!'.

I have amd athlon 64 machine with asuz K8S-MX motherboard(integrated Sis graphics card is causing most of graphics problem i have read), 512 MB ram, LG 700E 17' monitor, SATA Samsung 80 GB HDD. I installed gutsy from :
1. AMD64 Desktop CD(live cd)
2. AMD64 alternate CD
3. i386 alternate CD
In all 3 cases the installation goes fine. But when i start using gutsy all three times i have these problems:
1. Corrupted graphics.(discoloured patches in desktop menu, criss cross lines on desktop)
2. More importantly: total freezeups. sometimes its when a new webpage is opened, sometimes when a program is run. I think its at times when hard disk comes under some sort of load(cos it starts humming louder). This problem is so bad and sometimes i have to boot up a couple of times before i am able to do anything.
3. on boot up many a times gutsy says it fails to read some configuration file and hence the display is not proper.
4. Often bug buddy comes up immediately when i boot up and i cont figure it out whats brought it up.

What do i do:
-in cases of complete freeze up or random error messages when i just booted in, all i do is cut off power and reboot.
-in case of corrupted graphics i Log Out and log back in.That helps. if i have some program running i Switch user and come back in again.That helps too. 

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