[ubuntu-in] Connecting Internet

Kingsly John member+ubuntu at kingsly.net
Sun Nov 4 07:45:17 GMT 2007

+++ Gagan Arora [2007-11-04 00:26:16]:

> I have already opened the modem configuration window by typing in
> the browser and set the options using the wizard and keyed my userid and pwd...
> however im still unable to connect... the same thing works from windows just
> fine!!!!

How are you setting the IP address on your desktop ? is it getting it via
DHCP from the DLink router ?

If it isn't .. try to get it via DHCP that'll be the easiest way to get
everything working.

or if you are you are manually configuring the ethernet device. You have to
set the default route to and you have to set your DNS server to
either (if the device has a DNS forwarder) or to a valid DNS

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