[ubuntu-in] This is about Ubuntu Indian Members..

Bhavani Shankar R right2bhavi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 06:58:05 GMT 2007

On 11/2/07, nan budh <nanbudh at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> *Parthan S R <parth.technofreak at gmail.com>* wrote:
> I Kindly request you to stop continuing|feeding any trolls and further
> comments in this thread.
> Hope I get everyone's support on this. :)
> - --
> With Regards,
> Parthan aka Technofreak
> ok parth no more now
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Bhavi, why don't you just stop BLAHing and just QUIT.
As you can see, this troll derives entertainment from our replys. I
suggest that we dont reply to his mails at all, just ignore him, he
will wither and die.

Conclusion = Dont feed this troll.

/me writing last post on this thread
OK sorry for discussing on the mailing list...and sorry for top posting....
But one thing... Everywhere what i found was encouragement to do a
particular thing.. If my ideas were wrong team members would come up with
some modifications and we would have an open one to one discussion..... And
we would have mutual respect for each other as ubenteros.... But there was
no such term as FLAMING and deriving entertainment... You guys are singling
me out? and deriving entertainment from me? Is this the way you guys treat
any person who has some valid ideas and brain waves going? Please follow the
code of conduct and stop flaming others... I will come on the irc and sort
the issues out and make sure you guys get it staight and plain...

Bhavani Shankar.
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