[ubuntu-in] HI, New entrant!

CK Raju doxa at bsnl.in
Sun Mar 25 11:54:22 BST 2007

Currently the hottest area where you can contribute is Google Summer Code Contest. 
Ubuntu forums also put up ideas and areas where contributions can be made.
Both turn up in a search
Best wishes,
CK Raju
---- Akshay Rao <akshay.jrao at yahoo.co.in> wrote: 
> Hello everyone,
> This is Akshay, I am a new entrant to this mailing list. Put up in Bangalore and a student of final year Computer Science Engineering in BMS College Of Engg.
> I have been using Ubuntu since the 5.04 release,. :) but was not so active till I spoke about benefits of using Ubuntu over proprietary OS/SW in the installation camp/session we (we == BMSLUG) conducted in BMS last Saturday. It was then I realized I can do something better for the community, and then it was when I joined this mailing list.
> I am pretty good at programming , but have not taken up any project as such. If there is somewhere small I can start off and make it big, I would gladly take it up.
> Hope I can contribute something good to the community.
> Hail Ubuntu! :)
> Cheers,
> aks
> AKA , Akshay Narayan
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