[ubuntu-in] Subject of Proprietory Software(s) codecs etc on Ubuntu

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Sun Mar 11 19:15:27 GMT 2007

Onkar Shinde wrote:
> On 3/11/07, ramnarayan.k at gmail.com <ramnarayan.k at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> This is a follow up on the previous posts on piracy
>> there is a persistent issue of Ubuntu not being totally open source and
>> that it includes components (codecs etc ) that are propreitory and that
>> basically go against the GNU/Linux core FLOSS philosophy
>> comments !!!
> Wrong analogy. 

yep true

Just that while the discussions on the ebook were on it struck me that
this was one question i had been wantin to ask - to clarify

> The ebook was published by someone (or some company)
> and there is no mention about it being freely redistributable.
> FOSS is about sharing but not something which is not owned by you or
> when you don't have license for sharing.

FOSS yes but the question still is about the proprietory stuff -  the
difference i guess is that a. the proprietory drivers, etc are not
licensed as open source - even if they are freely distributable

[whereas in the case of the book it is not freely distributable (and nor
is it open source)]


> Onkar

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