[ubuntu-in] Subject of Proprietory Software(s) codecs etc on Ubuntu

Suraj N. Kurapati skurapat at ucsc.edu
Sun Mar 11 06:41:05 GMT 2007

ramnarayan.k at gmail.com wrote:
> Ubuntu also supports some proprietary software that is not part of the
> kernel in a component called "Restricted." This is software, like the
> NVIDA and ATI graphics card drivers, that can not be freely distributed.

Ah yes, I agree that kernel drivers are a problem. I am optimistic,
however, and think the situation will change in the future. (The
current Pointy Haired Bosses will have to retire at some point. ;)

> Finally, Ubuntu includes the "Universe" and "Multiverse" categories.
> These contain non-supported open-source software, and non-supported
> proprietary programs, respectively.

Agreed. Proprietary software like RealPlayer should be opposed.
Instead, you can use MPlayer and the codecs* it provides.

> So the question is there a Ubuntu user who has not apt-got (or however
> installed) the various media codecs and hence has a partially pirated
> (non free etc ) linux running. If so what was the work around

*AFAIK, software patents were refused by the Indian government, just
like in the European Union. So you're free to use any patented codes
you wish there.

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