[ubuntu-in] Sound drivers on Lenovo

Sanjay Bhangar sanjaybhangar at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 13:04:06 BST 2007

hey Ram,
In response to sound drivers not working on the Lenovo t60 - i have the
Lenovo N100, and if you look at the Ubuntu Laptop testing pages for the
Lenovo's, the one problem is sound because Lenovo uses some strange
proprietary drivers. For me, sound works, but I do have all sorts of weird
problems with it. It does use the HDA-Intel drivers, so try setting that up.
Dont know if this is for your exact model -- but this page seems to give a
fairly comprehensive guide to fixing Lenovo sound problems on Ubuntu --
http://lenovo.dropshock.com/archives/fixing-sound/ .
Hope it works -- but just so you know, you are facing a very standard issue
with Lenovo laptops, and its nothing you've done wrong. You should find a
fix by following instructions on that link / or web-searches.
All the best,
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