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Pramod A pramod.atre at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 18:40:25 BST 2007

Thank u ...
Though i was working on UNIX and C it was related to system programming and
shell scripting.
I have used that baraha software... Are you asking me to code something like
that?? u mean coede?? If yes, This is a great opportunity... I want to do my
best in this...
However, i will be more inclined towards hardware stuff (Since iam from EEE
background).. like firmware, device drivers (Iam not sure how
difficult/challenging it is to write one..)..

Actually, iam having a loads of problems in setting up an internet
connection on my ubuntu system.
(I guess i have a non-compateable LAN card.. ) Iam working on this...
Hopefully i will be able to reesolve this.. It would be great if you can
suggest something from u r rich exeriences...

Thanks and Regards,

On 7/22/07, withblessings at gmail.com <withblessings at gmail.com> wrote:
> Pramod,
> You are welcome.  If your are in Bangalore - where are you put up. Since
> you are as developer, I trust you are able to create "Linux phonetic input
> tool" for all Indian languages
> similar to  one windows-Microsoft Phonetic Input Tools - which is very
> small program.
> OR create software for Linux similar to BarahaIME etc.(www.baraha.com)
> -74yrsold
> On 7/22/07, Pramod A <pramod.atre at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >  Hi,
> > Iam Pramod, an opensource fan...
> > Iam from engineering background (major - EEE). Iam very much excited to
> > be a part of the ubuntu community.....
> > My appreciations to people out there who started this ubuntu - India
> > community...!!!
> > I was working on HP-UX and C in one of my project at workplace.. this
> > triggered my curiosity of participating in open-source OS... It was a rich
> > experience...
> > This is a short description of my background....
> >
> > Thank u..
> > Pramod.
> >
> >
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