[ubuntu-in] Strange Bluetooth behavior on Ubuntu 7.04

amit saha dandolls at yahoo.co.in
Sun Jul 8 18:28:39 BST 2007

Hi all,

I am facing a strange problem on Ubuntu 7.04 (32-bit
as well as amd64). My bluetooth-enabled cellular phone
fails to find the bluetooth device (attached to my
Ubuntu box). However the bluetooth device is able to
detect my cellular phone. It is worthwhile to mention
here that this doest not happen the first time after I
install Ubuntu, but after a period of time. The
behavior was similar on AMD-64 as well as 32-bit
Ubuntu. Ofcourse I have checked the Bluetooth device,
USB ports etc.But no solutions as yet.

Did any one face anything similar or got any idea what
could be the problem?

Amit Kumar Saha

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