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> Hi all,
> My college has brought a new server, to be used for managing the local intranet applications. How do i convince my fellow batchmates, and seniors to put ubuntu server edition in it?? we've been using rhel in our older servers for quite some time, and we're quite tired of the make's and make install's, with yum, also being cumbersome..
> in other words, what is the advantage of ubuntu server over normal linux enterprise os??
> Thanx in advance..
> Venkatesh Nandakumar
> Undergraduate Student
> IIT Roorkee

Hi Venkatesh,
     I would rather try not to convince anybody atleast for now. What
I would suggest is take a machine, put ubuntu server as a play thing &
work for it. While it is supposed to be for production use, its just
the 1st release, so there are quite a few things which perhaps may
need time to be polished. Another thing that you could also look at is
the debian server as its known to be quite good both from security
perspective as well as doing stuff like load-balancing & what not. Of
course things have to be configured. Also if you do stuff on debian,
you would have quite a bit more experience about how things work &
then shifting to Ubuntu which at some point would gain more GTK based
tools (GUI) it would enhance your productivity.
          Shirish Agarwal
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