[ubuntu-in] Searching a local mentor nearest to me

Amit Kumar Saha dandolls at yahoo.co.in
Mon Aug 20 14:15:25 BST 2007

--- Parthan S R <parth.technofreak at gmail.com> wrote:

> How much RAM do you have ? That might be an issue.

I do not think that the RAM is an issue, though I may
be wrong.

I remember, having my system frozen when i tried to
update Ubuntu 7.04 from the Ubuntu 7.04 DVD using
Synaptic, and I have RAM > 700 megs. 

Though I am not sure what it was upgrading since the
DVD had the same version of Ubuntu which I had
installed using the Live CD, but still i just ran the
upgrade just for having a look at what exactly
happens. However as i mentioned, the system came to a


Amit Kumar Saha

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