[ubuntu-in] SCIM keymap for Hindi Baraha system

Dinbandhu dinbandhu at sprynet.com
Thu Aug 16 00:58:58 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 23:36 +0530, Gora Mohanty wrote:

> Please let us know if this still shows problems. Also, please follow up
> on the list if you are happy with the Hindi keyboard, as I can then
> process those for the other Indian languages, and people can test them
> out.

I have thoroughly tested the Hindi keyboard. And I do believe we've got
it. All of the keys function as they are meant to, and it is working
very well. 

I have a couple of idiosyncrasies to report, but I want to emphasize
that as regards the accuracy of character coding, the keyboard is in my
experience perfect. I could find no errors.

Here then are the idiosyncrasies. I am not quite sure what to make of
them, and I do not know whether there is anything to do about them or

1. When typing in Open Office in hi-baraha, it seems to have difficulty
if I try to change fonts. For example, it always wants to be in Lohit
Hindi and to remain in that. If I want to use a different font, then it
fights with me a few times and keeps reverting back to Lohit Hindi.
Every time I type, it goes back to the old font. Finally if I take a
series of words, highlight them, and bring them by force into the new
font in which I am trying to type, then it pretty much stays in the new
font. And once I've typed few words in the new font, then it keeps with
the new font. But if I try to change to a third Hindi font, then again I
have to go through the same game back and forth between the old font and
the new font. --Not that I would normally be making such changes when in
a real work document, but in the course of testing I found this to be
the case.

2. It seems to have trouble with certain characters in particular
settings. For example, if in Open Office hi-baraha I type "[तुम जाओ]"
then most of the time by typing the final "]", the "ओ" just prior gets
deleted. This happened less frequently if the opening "[" was not
present, and did not seem to be a problem with most other characters.
However, if an "ए" was typed just before a final "]", then there too,
the "ए" was deleted. None of that is happening as I am typing these
things right here in Evolution. But it was happening in Open Office. 

3. I found that sometimes if I tried to type an increasing series of
numbers (digits), it would type the first one only, and refuse to type
any further digits. This only happened if the first digit was "१"; if
any other digit was the first number then it did not happen.

But then if I would come back to try that again later, sometimes it
would get stuck in a similar way, and sometimes not. 

And again, this is not happening at all here in Evolution. It was only
in Open Office.

It is just an oddity that I am reporting. I do not know what it
represents and whether it will create any difficulty when doing work, or
whether it is just a strange happening that in regular working
situations will not arise.

4. One time I was typing in Kalimati font, and all non-Hindi characters
i.e. !"'[]{} etc, were appearing in Arial font. And when I set the
Kalimati font size to 24, then all such !,[,] etc were continuing to
appearing in the original 12 font. 

Later, when I again tried Kalimati font, then the non-Hindi characters
were this time coming in Kalimati font and working properly.


These are the idiosyncrasies which I have noted. I do not think that
they represent any sort of serious impediment to working in hi-baraha,
but I have reported them in the possibility that they may have some
meaning to you and there may be something that can or needs to be done
about them.

The keyboard itself is 100% accurate, and I would say it is great.


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