[ubuntu-in] final bugs in SCIM keymap for Hindi Baraha system

Dinbandhu dinbandhu at sprynet.com
Wed Aug 15 19:16:32 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 23:15 +0530, Gora Mohanty wrote:
> > 3) "G" and "gh" should both produce "घ ", but now only "G" does. 
> > Now, "gh" incorrectly produces "ग्ह". It should produce "घ ".
> Fixed.
> > 3a) As an addendum to clarify point (3) above, here is Baraha's own
> > explanation of the difference between "h" and "~h" in Baraha:
> > 
> > `ह' consonant can be written in two ways; 'h', '~h'. If you want to use
> > a `ह' in conjuncts where the first consonant is 'k', 'g', 't', 'd', etc,
> > you have to use '~h' instead of of 'h'.

> OK, but this should already have been working apart from bug (3)
> above, e.g., "kh" should have been producing "ख", and "k~h" making
> "क्ह".

It was working for other letters, but not for "gh" in the sense that
both "gh" and "g~h" were producing "ग्ह". I was just wanting to clarify
that "g~h" is the one that is supposed to produce "ग्ह", while "gh"
should produce "घ ".

> > 5) Half-candrabindu directly over a consonant
> [...]
> > Now we have to add the command for putting the half-candrabindu directly
> > over the consonant: That is done with "~e".
> > for example "c~e" yields चॅ , "k~e" yields कॅ  , "b~e" yields बॅ .
> I have added this, but where is this used in Hindi? I am aware of the
> pronuciation of "ॉ", but how does one even pronounce "ॅ" directly over a
> consonant?

I find it useful for typing certain English words in Hindi, such
as कॅकेशियन (Caucasian). Because the "ॅ" is coming over a consonant,
does not mean it is a half-consonant ie without a vowel. It has its
vowel, and the vowel is shaped by the "ॅ". Some may prefer to write
"Caucasian" as कॉकेशियन, but I generally write it as above. At any rate,
there are a number of English words where one may prefer the "कॅ" to the
"कॉ". And the same with other consonants as well. Depending on where in
the world one is from, the "au" of "Caucasian" is pronounced differently
than the "au" of "Australian" -- which would be written with "ऑ". For
such reasons as these, the difference has value.

> P.S. Replying separately to the issue of where you could not see the
>      earlier amendments in the updated file.

Thank you. I will test the updated version as soon as I receive your
instruction about this.


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