[ubuntu-in] SCIM keymap for Hindi Baraha system

Dinbandhu dinbandhu at sprynet.com
Tue Aug 14 20:08:54 BST 2007

Here I am just resending the second set of hi-baraha bugs, in case it
was not received around 8 hours back.

Dear Gora,
I've gone through carefully letter by letter and checked the whole
keyboard. By so doing, I've found a few more bugs. With a little luck,
this will be all of them. 

Final bugs:

1) "I" and "ee" should have the same effect of creating "ई " and ई
-kaar, but now only "I" is doing it. 

"I" produces ई and, for example, गी in conjunct form.
"ee" should be fixed to have the same effect.

(now, "ee" incorrectly results in इइ  . And when conjunct is attempted,
it incorrectly results in गेइ .)

2) "Ru" and "RU" have the correct effect when used as conjuncts, but
incorrect effect when used alone.

When used as conjunct it is fine:

ie "kRu" produces कृ
   "kRU" produces कॄ

But when used alone it is incorect:

"Ru" now incorrectly produces "Rउ"  -> but it should produce "ऋ"
"RU" now incorrectly produces "Rऊ"  -> but it should produce "ॠ"

3) "G" and "gh" should both produce "घ ", but now only "G" does. 

Now, "gh" incorrectly produces "ग्ह". It should produce "घ ".

3a) As an addendum to clarify point (3) above, here is Baraha's own
explanation of the difference between "h" and "~h" in Baraha:

`ह' consonant can be written in two ways; 'h', '~h'. If you want to use
a `ह' in conjuncts where the first consonant is 'k', 'g', 't', 'd', etc,
you have to use '~h' instead of of 'h'.


bakkiMghAm = बक्किंघाम

bakkiMg~hAm = बक्किंग्हाम

4) "&" now incorrectly produces "&" -> but it should produce "ऽ "

5) Half-candrabindu directly over a consonant
This final point I did not instruct you on at the beginning, because at
that time I had not understood how to manage it yet myself. But just now
I have figured it out, so we can properly implement it here as well. 

Half-candribindu over the a-matra we already have: it is consonant + ~o
for example "k~o" yields कॉ , "g~o" yields गॉ, "b~o" yields बॉ, "m~o"
yields मॉ . This we already have proper.

Now we have to add the command for putting the half-candrabindu directly
over the consonant: That is done with "~e".
for example "c~e" yields चॅ , "k~e" yields कॅ  , "b~e" yields बॅ .

As far as I know, these are all the corrections. If I find anything
further, I will let you know but as of now, this is all. Many thanks for
all your help.


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