[ubuntu-in] SCIM keymap for Hindi Baraha system

Dinbandhu dinbandhu at sprynet.com
Tue Aug 14 01:43:09 BST 2007

re: hi-baraha.mim

I have loaded the hi-baraha.mim and begun testing it. It works well.
There are several bugs which I am enlisting below. As I continue
testing, if I find further bugs I shall send another posting enlisting


1. "M" is not working as bindi. When "M" is typed, the character "M"
simply appears instead of bindi.

2. "~M" is not working as candrabindu. When "~M" is typed, the
characters "~M" appear instead of candrabindu.

3. "e" should appear as "ए " but instead it appears as "इ " . 

4. When the nukta is used, a conjunct vowel cannot be added. 
For example, when one tries to write "khush" (happy) using a nukta under
the "kh", then a "u" cannot be added as a harsh u-kaar. Instead the "u"
appears as a separate, full vowel. See: ख़उश | One cannot get the "u" to
appear in conjuct form so long as the nukta is there. 

5. "H" should appear as visarg  (ः) but instead it just appears as "H".

6. "z" should appear as ज़ | But instead it just appears as "z". This
hindi character has two ways to be made: "jx", and "z". The "jx" works,
but the "z" does not.

7. When one writes "shakti", it appears this way: शक्ति | There ought to
be a special conjuct for "kt". Perhaps that is just a limitation of the
particular font, I do not know. 

So far, everything else is working fine. 

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