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Hi Vivek,

The best way to learn Linux is to start using it. And here is how you may want to start :

1. Choose a Linux distribution and install it
Read around to see what people are using and saying about different linux distros and select one. e.g. read this article.

I would suggest you to choose Ubuntu as I love it.

2. Start using it for anything and everything you do on your on computer. If you get stuck somewhere, read the web for answers to the same.
If you choose Ubuntu, then this book may come in handy for you.
Moving to Ubuntu LinuxBy 
											Marcel Gagné


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Dear friends,
                   MY name is Vivek R Vorani and I'm a student of Computer Science. I'm very new to Linux World and am very much interested to operate it at the best. Right now, it looks too muc complicated but I hope you all will help me making it easy.


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