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Hello All,

I am Roshan from Mumbai. I have recently subscribed to
the mailing list (in fact, 04th November 
2006). I have been a part of Ubuntu-in IRC under the
nick, in the previous few weeks.
a. ubunturos
b. ubunturosad (ubunturos 'a' after 'd' disconnection
;) )

Am glad to be a part of this list too, apart from
being a part of GLUG-BOM, FSF-FRIENDS, KDE-IN.

I have been using LIVE CD of Ubuntu right from version
5.04 and never dared to install it, because 
of two reasons. 

a. No hdd space
b. Have RH9 already installed on my box

What actually fascinated me, was Ubuntu CD were being
shipped free of cost and anyone could order 
for CDs. 

Being a KDE user, I like Kubuntu over Ubuntu, only
because of KDE. Anyways, it doesn't matter much 
to this community, I guess.

I am still a newbie, if compared to those who I have
met on the channel


Welcome aboard Roshan. You can now make Ubuntu your *complete*  system for your Development, Desktop & Multimedia Needs. 

I recently set up my java development environment on Ubuntu 6.06 
1. Installed JRE 1.5 
2. Installed JDk1.5
3. Installed Netbeans
All of these are available as Binary packages from Sun

I also use these tools on Ubuntu
!. SQUID proxy server
2. MPlayer and XMMS for Multimedia needs

You can go ahead and try out all you want with your Ubuntu.You will not be dissappointed.

Amit Saha
*Ubuntero* (wiki.ubuntu.com/amitsaha)

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