Subject: The Binary Times, a new Podcast about Ubuntu, Linux and FOSS

Mark Murphy write2mcm at
Sun Jun 25 14:38:15 UTC 2017


Not really sure if anyone is active or even reading this mailing list anymore but thought I'd share some Ubuntu-ie type news.
Myself (that is Mark) and Wayne have started a new podcast called "The Binary Times" and it can be found at
It's about Free Software, Free Hardware and Free Culture and covers mostly Linux-y type stuff. We'd love you to listen and comment and give
us feedback on what you'd like to hear in future episodes.
Because we're talking about Linux and Free software / hardware / culture, we don't want to list on itunes. This really limits our
audience so we're relying on ye to listen to the podcast, hopefully like it and spread the word.

Listen Long and Prosper!


Mark and Wayne

The Binary Times podcasting duo

info at<mailto:info at>

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