assistance with an Internet Sharing issue between Windows 8.1 & Ubuntu 14.04

Thomas Taaffe tom.m.taaffe at
Mon Sep 22 20:20:32 UTC 2014

 Co Clare

Dear Ubuntu users

                               ​I recently (4 months ago) loaded Ubuntu
12.04 onto a Desktop Computer which previously had Windows XP (I cleared
the Windows XP OS completely). I then upgraded to Ubuntu version 14.04 and
I have a problem. It's really down to my lack of knowledge and awareness of
both Windows and Ubuntu and the hardware I'm using.

                                     I have a Laptop running Windows 8.1
and I connect to the Internet with a *Huawei* E5220 Wi-Fi *Mobile Wireless
Modem *(using the 3 Mobile Broadband service) which is attached to the
Laptop via USB. I then link the Laptop (which receives its Broadband signal
from this Modem) via CAT5 cable or Ethernet cable to the Desktop Linux OS
based Computer (upstairs) ie it's a Mobile AMD Sempron (tm) Processor
3300+  (type 32-bit). I have tried to execute the Internet Sharing commands
on the Windows-based Laptop and I have tried to open the terminal line on
the Ubuntus14.04 OS and  typed

" ifconfig eth0 netmask"

 I don't really understand the rationale behind this command or entry but
I've taken it from a link that a friend provided : see :

 Usually this works but today it didn't so I wonder how can I connect
consistently to the Internet using this or some other alternative
configuration ??

 Do you or your colleagues have any convenient solution or do you know of
anyone based in Clare or Limerick who might be able to help with this
question ???

 Sorry to be bothering you or your colleagues : I too am very enthusiastic
that  Ubuntu 14.04 is a big success and keen that it gets widely shared so
that the wonderful Open Source movement can grow to its full potential in
Ireland and be a tool for change in respect of people engaging more with
Code and Computers/Online generally so that we can take more control of our
own systems and shape our own future rather that have others foisting their
version of the future upon us.

 Sorry again to bother you with this petty query ; it's just that it means
a lot to me to have my Desktop computer active and connected to the www as
my wife tends to use the Laptop downstairs for much of her work.

 I understand that you are very busy and please reply to this email at your
convenience. I have tried to join the Ubuntu Ireland mailing list so
apologies for contacting you by email and if your team has a contact in the
Co Clare/Limerick/Co Limerick area(s), I'd be delighted to get their
contact details (if allowed) and connect with them and share ideas etc. . I
have joined the Computer Society at UL and I believe some of its members
are very active Linux users.

 Thanks for your time and consideration and keep up your great work : it's
really appreciated despite all the negativity and apathy that appears to be
out there.

 Yours Sincerely, Tom Taaffe, with best wishes and many thanks
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