Imminent 14.04 release

Rory McCann rory at
Wed Apr 16 15:01:08 UTC 2014

On 15/04/14 02:12, Mike O'Donohue wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know, and I very much regret that,  we let the recent Ubuntu Global
> Jam pass us by but, on the plus side, we still have the imminent 14.04
> release to look forward to!!
> As a currently verified LoCo we are very fortunate to receive some
> install media for this LTS release.
> Where would this be most effectively used?
> 2 thoughts come to mind (absolutely my own thoughts and very much
> subject to LoCo members input):
> 1) I would suggest that we distribute this media to interested Irish
> CoderDojos and Irish Mens Sheds.  My thinking behind this is that we
> should distribute these DVDs through avenues where Ubuntu is less likely
> to have been previously considered.
> 2) Members of  previous avenues considered for distribution
> (predominately makerspaces and 3rd level colleges) clearly have the the
> knowledge and broadband required to download the trusty tahr release
> independently if so desired.
> This is all about getting the DVDs into the hands of folks who might not
> otherwise get them!
> I'd welcome feedback on this.  I will be the humble point of contact for
> the distribution of the media associated with this release and, and as
> such, I remain very happy to receive ideas and requests relating to our
> LoCos allocation.
> Warm regards,
> Mike O'Donohue

Sounds like a good idea. The whole point of the DVDs is to spread Ubuntu 
to places and people who aren't familiar with it.


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