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Tue Apr 15 08:42:59 UTC 2014

Hey guys,

This idea might be very left field, but how many business guys do we know
who might still be using Windows XP after the support ended?

I don't know how we could get the DVD's into their hands, but it might be
good for them if they could see if their business could easily work with
Ubuntu in the future (with an emphasis on security).

What do we think?

Darren Bates

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On 15 Apr 2014 02:12, "Mike O'Donohue" <airurando at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I know, and I very much regret that,  we let the recent Ubuntu Global Jam
> pass us by but, on the plus side, we still have the imminent 14.04 release
> to look forward to!!
> As a currently verified LoCo we are very fortunate to receive some install
> media for this LTS release.
> Where would this be most effectively used?
> 2 thoughts come to mind (absolutely my own thoughts and very much subject
> to LoCo members input):
> 1) I would suggest that we distribute this media to interested Irish
> CoderDojos and Irish Mens Sheds.  My thinking behind this is that we should
> distribute these DVDs through avenues where Ubuntu is less likely to have
> been previously considered.
> 2) Members of  previous avenues considered for distribution (predominately
> makerspaces and 3rd level colleges) clearly have the the knowledge and
> broadband required to download the trusty tahr release independently if so
> desired.
> This is all about getting the DVDs into the hands of folks who might not
> otherwise get them!
> I'd welcome feedback on this.  I will be the humble point of contact for
> the distribution of the media associated with this release and, and as
> such, I remain very happy to receive ideas and requests relating to our
> LoCos allocation.
> Warm regards,
> Mike O'Donohue
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