vUDS 14-16 May online

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That time is fast approaching again - Next week is the 2nd virtual UDS
(vUDS) -
It is open to anyone and everyone, sessions are online, not just on air,
there are irc channels to watch discussions and you have a voice too. 
Everyone is encouraged to take part, comment on discussions and give
your opinions.

Sessions are spilt into tracks/categories which have leaders associated
with them


  * *App Development*: Alan Pope, David Planella & Michael Hall
  * *Community*: Daniel Holbach, Nick Skaggs & Jono Bacon
  * *Client*: Jason Warner & Sebastien Bacher
  * *Server & Cloud*: Dave Walker & Antonio Rosales
  * *Foundations*: Steve Langasek

In some cases but not all there is a blueprint associated with the
session, clicking subscribe on the blueprint means you will get
notifications of any items added to it.  This is useful if you want to
keep track of the progress during the cycle.  You can find a list of all
the blueprints registered

Perhaps you want to follow the discussion and plan for the Click package
discussion that is taking place if so you'd do the following:

  * You'd see that the Click packages session is on Tuesday at
    16:05-17:05 -

  * If you click on the on Click packages session it opens up another
    window for you 
    this is how you'd see everything , the on air discussion, etherpad
    note taking application and lastly IRC window all on one page. 

  * At the top of the page is blueprint, selecting this brings you to
    the blueprint listed above and here you can subscribe to it.

If you miss any session, don't worry, they are all recorded and IRC
sessions are logged so you can read the logs afterwards. 


Laura Czajkowski
LoCo Council Member 
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