Regarding Raring Ringtailed Racoon Release Revelries.

Mike O'Donohue airurando at
Tue Mar 26 17:18:21 UTC 2013

Hi All,

In the spirit of the LoCo reboot I am hoping that The Irish Ubuntu Team 
will host one or two parties celebrating the release of Ubuntu 13.04 
towards the end of April.  Nothing fancy needed, just a social meetup or 
two where can get together to party and chat (it has been a loooonnnnng 
time since our last social event).

I'd like to call for an IRC meeting to discuss this at the start of 
April.  I have had some feedback indicating that a weekend meeting might 
be better however the majority of feedback I have received suggests that 
most people prefer mid week meetings.  So for the the moment we will 
stick with a mid week meeting for this. Of course the timing of future 
meetings can be discussed further at this meeting or by reply e-mail.

Let's get together to discuss this at a meeting on Wednesday 03 Apr 13 
at 20:30 local time in #ubuntu-ie on the freenode irc network.


Mike O'Donohue

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