Regarding the reboot...initial thoughts on 13:04 release parties

Mike O'Donohue airurando at
Sat Mar 9 22:07:23 UTC 2013

Hi All,

It has been a very active couple off weeks for ideas within the 
ubuntu ecosphere regarding release cadence.  Decisions have yet to be 
made but the thought has crossed my mind that 13.04 MIGHT (emphasis 
on might) be the last interim release of Ubuntu lending itself to 
release parties.  Sure there will be the potential for LTS release 
parties every 2 years (based on current thinking) but could this be 
our last interim release?  From what I've read 13.04 is safe so that 
got me thinking early about the possibility of release parties......

The reboot meeting was great to see and it was brilliant that Ubuntu 
Hour Limerick kicked off again (Well done Andru!).  I'd like to see 
release parties being organised for Ubuntu 13.04 at the end of April 
for two main reasons.

1) It might be our last chance for hosting a release party for an 
interim release.

2) More importantly, excepting the recent Ubuntu Hour Limerick event, 
it has been a very long time since we have had a chance to get 
together socially.

I am not suggesting anything that requires significant effort in 
terms of organising....  BUT I would hope for a good party atmosphere 
at any release party hosted in Ireland.  Best guess from me would be 
a suitable pub for the Saturday evening after release.  That would 
be  27 Apr 12.

Anyone else thinking along these lines? Anyone think this is a good idea?

Nothing urgent I just want to start the ball rolling on this.  Would 
there be an appetite for release parties?

Dodgy leg and work permitting I'd definitely go to a Dublin release 
party if one was held and I'd be more that happy to call one in a few weeks.



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