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On 02/03/13 14:49, Rory McCann wrote:
> On 01/03/13 22:42, Andries vanTonder wrote:
>> It is apparently illegal in Ireland to sell a computer without an
>> operating system installed.
> No, of course it's not illegal (why would it be illegal?!), just
> uncommon.
> You can buy servers with Linux preinstalled. You can buy individual
> components to built a PC yourself without needing an OS. Shops might
> have a "kit" of all the components you need to build a PC, you just
> assemble yourself (IKEA style PCs!). I did this myself years ago with
> Komplett. it came without any OSs, and I installed Linux.
> Small computer shops will probably do bespoke builds of computers, you
> can almost certainly ask for Linux preinstalled.
> One reason MS Windows is common is because retailers can pre-load a
> whole pile of bloatware onto the machines. The margins are so small
> that the bloatware is their only profit margin.
> Rory
Also, the Sputnik 2 is available in EU now - 

So there is now at least choice out there


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