Computer suppliers information - PLEASE

Rory McCann rory at
Sat Mar 2 14:49:25 UTC 2013

On 01/03/13 22:42, Andries vanTonder wrote:
> It is apparently illegal in Ireland to sell a computer without an
> operating system installed.

No, of course it's not illegal (why would it be illegal?!), just uncommon.

You can buy servers with Linux preinstalled. You can buy individual 
components to built a PC yourself without needing an OS. Shops might 
have a "kit" of all the components you need to build a PC, you just 
assemble yourself (IKEA style PCs!). I did this myself years ago with 
Komplett. it came without any OSs, and I installed Linux.

Small computer shops will probably do bespoke builds of computers, you 
can almost certainly ask for Linux preinstalled.

One reason MS Windows is common is because retailers can pre-load a 
whole pile of bloatware onto the machines. The margins are so small that 
the bloatware is their only profit margin.


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