Renaming the future, Reboot and Loco

Mark Murphy write2mcm at
Tue Jan 29 21:07:18 UTC 2013

Hi All,

First time post for me, but I'm a long time reader!

As far as the name goes, I'd really like sublime songbird. I think that would really capture the essence of what Ubuntu is trying to achieve with the 13.04 development release: something sweeter and more beautiful than before. And a songbird is a small animal; one of the aims of the release is to create something smaller, faster and less resource intensive.

Just my two cents.

I'm all for a reboot meeting, I'm away with work that week but hopefully I'll be able to join in, however I manage it.

Finally, I thought I'd share a post by Jono Bacon on Locos, thought it might prove interesting and if nothing else give us something to talk about for the reboot. Here's the link:

That's about it, talk to ye all soon!

Thanks and Regards,

Mark (mokmeister)

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