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If someone wants to write   a summary of this idea and the resulting
ideas about it I'll add it to my blog as a guest post so it gets more
notice from the rest of the Ubuntu community as my blog appears on


On 15/01/13 18:26, barry b wrote:
> After Much tought and google Supreme Sionnach dosent seem that bad. Easy on the toung too. The toung may rule a few enrtrys out this time around.
> One Question however. How do to you  pronunce it? I found 2 People Saying it online found here. I think the pronunciation from the middle of ireland ( as seen on the map in link) gives a more english like sound than the rural irish equivalent. 
>> Hmnnnnnnn........
>> Good idea.... Yes go for it. It will cost nothing to have an idea.
>> The letter S you say, to get the ball rolling; how about something like;
>> Supreme Sionnach
>> Sionnach being Irish for fox, or does that break the rules? You could work out some concocted reasoning after if needed.... The fox being cleverest of animals (ok, maybe folklore based), fast and with stealth, wild and free (meh..., wild?), cunning in its approach, and naturally has a colour scheme which would fit very nicely with the default Ubuntu scheme :)  Might have a related Mozilla vibe there too if there's no bad history there that I'm not familiar with.
>> So, Just a thought to get the ball rolling,
>> Oh, and by the way, hi everyone and best to you all for 2013 :)
>> Cheers,
>> Tommy

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