Naming the future.

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Sat Jan 12 02:17:20 UTC 2013

Hey folks, 

As we all know,
Ubuntu is code-named around 6 months in advance of every released at
the time of the previous release. Ubuntu is know for its outrages
names of a Adjective followed by an animal.
Suggestions are
allowed by anybody with a standard Ubuntu account. Just submit idea

I often see a name and it would have
suggested by a group beside it (here you can also explain what the
animal and the adjective are)
I propose we put our minds together.
Send in a few suggestion to the mailing list and decide on 1 for the
13.10 release. The Letter is S this time around. 
small vote could take place on the irc chat on the 6th of February.
It would be something to add to the chat. And something to put down
for re-approval ( hope we decide to go ahead with re-approval )
would be a great boast for the team if we were , in the unlikely
case, chosen, And surly something to be proud of.(Even if we get half a name in, Often Mark mixes suggestions)
Early February
will have to be the latest time for this name to be prepossessed - I
don't know when they decide but you are allowed suggest names years
in advance.

I would suggest that an Irish animal could be a
good idea , but crazy animals begin with S might be hard to find ,
but  try Irish animals if we can, however - just an idea. 
also need a mad Adjective with the letter S

We could
also mix ideas and come up with one, Over the mailing list and on the
night of the irc (last minute work)

I Don't know if this has been suggest in the past and if so its success, but however.
Any feedback on the idea?

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