How is the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo doing?

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Tue Sep 4 10:06:03 UTC 2012

Hi All,

Sincere thanks Jeffrey, Carles and Moylan for the views expressed.  I am 
a bit disappointed that more people didn't get involved in the 
discussion also.  It does seem to indicate that the Irish LoCo is in a 
near dormant state.   I agree with what has been said thus far with one 
minor exception.  I wouldn't say that Ubuntu Hours have the same purpose 
as the pint of the day (PoTD) linux group monthly meetups. My simplistic 
view on both is as follows:

PoTD: a social meetup for serious linux geeks.

Ubuntu Hour: a social meetup for anyone interested in dipping their toes 
into linux with serious linux geeks also present.

However I fully agree that the Ubuntu hours were not working for us 
recently.  Participation in the monthly irc meetings has also fizzled 
out and the mailing list is quiet as well.

As the LoCo appears to be in a period of hibernation perhaps we should 
reduce the activity dramatically and see if we can rekindle interest in 
the LoCo and Ubuntu.  Again I say I don't want us to just drift on.  We 
need to accepth the current state of affairs and then reboot!

As I see it,at a minimum, we should continue to distribute the official 
CDs as widely and efficiently as possible.  I reckon the mailing list 
and meetings are required to organise this and agree on strategies.  
This is our responsibility as long as we remain approved.

What about holding meetings every two months or quarterly?

I also think we should continue to hold release parties.

I realise the discussion has been Dublin centric in relation to the 
physical meetups.  I reckon at the moment there is more Ubuntu Loco 
interest in Galway and Limerick.  Everyone is free to organise whatever 
events or activities they want.

Can we keep this LoCo going?  I hope we can.


Mike O'Donohue.

On 29/08/12 03:32, angryearthling wrote:
> the issue of meetups is one that i've thought about quite a bit.  
> there is also the pint of the day meetups once a month so any monthly 
> meeting is competing against those.  they are generic linux meetings.  
> a specialist single distro meetup once a month seems to be too much 
> for the small community.
> perhaps every 2 or even better every 3 months the physical meetups 
> should take place.  the greater interval means that there'll be more 
> to talk about if the same 3-4 folk turn up at least :-)
> oh and as a gamer what ever interval is chosen avoid meetups in august 
> as that is the worst month as a percentage of available people will be 
> on holiday or unable to change plans as they are filling in for those 
> on holiday.
> we could even use the potd meetings as a contact point just by making 
> sure that somebody is there with ubuntu logos on hoodies tshirts or 
> plushie.  only 1-2 of the usual 3-4 suspects need do that.
> but i don't want to see the loco die.  ubuntu and linux in general 
> deserves better.
> my 2c, hope it was worth reading,
> moylan
> On Sat, 04 Aug 2012 21:12:28 +0100, Android Stream 
> <carles at> wrote:
>> Not so long ago I mention a few things I thought about the dynamics 
>> on the
>> group, it was more on about the IRC and the mailing list.
>> As a Galway member is harder to take part on the meetings, etc and I 
>> always
>> found hard to attend the IRC meetings as usually would be busy somewhere
>> else. One of the reasons I prefer the mailing list as I can engage on a
>> conversation at my convenient time.
>> I also found just like Jeffrey pointed out, which is hard to keep people
>> engage with the group, not because of the lack of interest but 
>> because of
>> the overlap on so many other groups.
>> In 091 Labs most members use one distro or another based from Ubuntu, 
>> and
>> they all love it and like it, but within the hackerspace we also have 
>> the
>> GLUG (Galway Linux User Group), python group and of course the labs 
>> itself.
>> All the members within those groups are already members of the 
>> hackerspace
>> and we all see each other on a regular basis.
>> At least here in 091 Labs the GLUG seems to be a bit more successful, 
>> think
>> because it doesn't tie the group to a singular distro but Linux in 
>> General
>> which in itself Ubuntu is already involved.
>> With that said I wouldn't like to see the group disappearing.
>> On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 7:29 AM, Mike O'Donohue <airurando at> 
>> wrote:
>>> Thanks for that Jeffrey,
>>> True words.
>>> Just to add a little info.  I was asked off list about the requirements
>>> for gaining/maintaining approved status for LoCo Teams. In case 
>>> others are
>>> wondering about the same question I thought i'd stick a copy of my 
>>> reply
>>> with this thread:
>>> Hi,
>>> Not sure what the minimum requirements are.  Guidelines on gaining LoCo
>>> approval and reapproval can be found at:
>>> I just feel that currently we are coming up severely short.
>>> Mike
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>>> Subject: Re: How is the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo doing?
>>> Hello Mike and follow Ubuntuers
>>> You rise a lot of great questions.
>>> I will give me two cents on the situation.
>>> I think the root cause of where we are now can be traced back to the
>>> canceling of the regular face to face meetups.
>>> The next question is why did theses stop happening ?
>>> It got to the point where it was the same four and five people at
>>> these meetups having the same conversation each month. People just got
>>> bored and stopped going. It ended up where it was just a small group
>>> of friends who see each other outside the meetings anyway, so there
>>> was little point in meeting for "ubuntu" anymore.
>>> So if we start meeting up again will it go back to the good times ?
>>> Without fresh infusion of newcomers(regularly) to these meetups they
>>> are doomed to fail and stop happening again.
>>> We have to keep them fresh and every changing to keep them alive.
>>> If this is some thing you want speak up and let this loco fall
>>> silently into oblivion
>>> Jeffrey Roe,
>>> On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 10:18 PM, Mike O'Donohue <airurando at>
>>> wrote:
>>> > Hi All,
>>> >
>>> > I'm wondering what is the state of the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo?  Since
>>> > reapproval last year things have slowed down dramatically.  The 
>>> things
>>> which
>>> > greatly helped our reapproval in 2011 have all fallen off the tracks.
>>> > Regular irc meetings, hosting other events, timely team reports, team
>>> > website and more have all dwindled or disappeared (not saying all are
>>> > necessary but surely some of them are).
>>> >
>>> > I'm not complaining, I fully appreciate that each individual 
>>> involved is
>>> > doing so on a voluntary basis, but I just don't want things to drift
>>> along
>>> > as is without discussion.  Based on the current level of activity I
>>> > personally couldn't support the next reapproval effort (about a year
>>> away).
>>> > Perhaps the approved status of the LoCo isn't important. Interest in
>>> Ubuntu
>>> > and the Irish LoCo has waned (no need to rehash reasons here).  
>>> All that
>>> is
>>> > fair enough.
>>> >
>>> > I just want to get a healthy discussion going concerning the state 
>>> of the
>>> > LoCo.
>>> >
>>> > Some initial questions that come to mind (not an exhaustive list):
>>> >
>>> >  Is there anyone on the list interested in taking a more active 
>>> role in
>>> the
>>> > LoCo?
>>> >
>>> > Is our LoCo becoming far less active and if so is that acceptable 
>>> to all?
>>> >
>>> > Are we heading towards a non approved state and are we happy with 
>>> that?
>>> >
>>> > If we wish to remain approved how should we achieve this?
>>> >
>>> > I'm certainly not trying to be controversial here I just want to have
>>> this
>>> > discussed openly and fully.
>>> >
>>> > Best Regards to All,
>>> >
>>> > Mike O'Donohue
>>> >
>>> >
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