Any appetite for an Ubuntu Ireland Team Reboot?

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Mon Nov 19 21:23:13 UTC 2012

On 17/11/12 23:22, Andries vanTonder wrote:
> I am on disability pension - and would like to get better involved. My
> disability is physical not intellectual, although my brains is rusting
> up a bit.
> My first problem is that I do not have money to pay for an officially
> recognised course.
> I was an expert, many years ago when operating systems like NOS, CP/M,
> PCDOS, DRDOS and MSDOS were the in thing. With Windows I progressed up
> to Windows 98. That will explain how far I am behind. Programming wise I
> used to be conversant in BASIC, COBOL, dBASE (up to III), Pascal,
> Assembly.
> About UBUNTU, I cannot even get my scanner working but I am keen to
> learn and have another 20 or so years where I can be of help provided
> that I get learning again. (I am only 60).
> To get me really involved I need someone to "manage my learning". Any
> suggestion will be welcomed.
> Firstly, I need to learn and understand the basics - disk maps, basic
> I/O, - the equivalent of io.sys, msdos.sys and (using dos as
> an example).
> Who is there to help me? As a retired college lecturer I am willing to
> reformat the knowledge I gain into lectures to help others (where
> needed).
> BTW - my 11 year old son is also a big UBUNTU fan and has bought several
> scrapped PC's to life, saving their owners lots of money.
Hi Andries,

Thanks for joining the discussion. Regarding your questions I'm not sure where to go.
Are you aware of the many free quality courses available online?
If you have not already done so I would suggest browsing the courses on offer at:


There is a plethora of other online resources that should fit the bill for you.
I'm definitely not the best person to give advice on this so I'll stop now.

Kind Regards,


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