Any appetite for an Ubuntu Ireland Team Reboot?

Mike O'Donohue airurando at
Mon Nov 19 20:53:13 UTC 2012

On 17/11/12 09:31, Laura Czajkowski wrote:
> On 17/11/12 00:40, Mike O'Donohue wrote:
>> On 16/11/12 19:25, Patrick Magill wrote:
>>> On 16/11/12 17:03, Mike O'Donohue wrote:
>>> Would this be inclusive of those in the North? If so then I'm in :-)
>> Hi Patrick,
>> Thanks for joining the discussion and supporting to the idea of the
>> Irish LoCo Team reboot.  Regarding your question, unfortunately I have
>> no idea.  Would those from Northern Ireland, interested in Ubuntu, be
>> part of the very active Ubuntu UK LoCo or the far less active Irish
>> LoCo or indeed would they have the choice?  I would hope the third
>> option would be the correct one. Can anyone throw any light on this?
>> Mike
>> Mike
> Aloha!
> Yes everyone is welcome in the Ubuntu-ie LoCo we've never distinguished
> on where people live in Ireland and as far as I'm concerned the more the
> merrier and maybe there are folks in Patricks area that might like to
> hold a meet up. The Irish LoCo is just that, Ireland - all regions and I
> think many people feel that way also!
> So looking forward to seeing something happening in the North as that
> would be a new venue for us!
> Laura
Thanks for that Laura,

Exactly as I had hoped.


Would love to hear more of your views or ideas here on the mailing list and during future IRC Meetings.

Best Regards,


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