May IRC Meeting Reloaded?

Mike O'Donohue airurando at
Tue May 22 20:36:56 UTC 2012

Hi All,

 From the lack of responses I guess there is no appetite to 
reschedule the May meeting to discuss the distribution of the 12.04 
CDs.  I have updated the wiki and IRC channel to reflect that the 
next IRC meeting is to be scheduled.  I will be on vacation for a 
large part of June so I'll leave it to other LoCo Team members to 
organise the June Meeting (if there is to be one).



At 21:40 21/05/2012, Mike O'Donohue wrote:
>Hi Carles,
>Thanks for the great mail. 091 labs will get a batch of CDs, we just 
>need to figure out how to get them down or have them picked up.
>Hope the exams go/are going well for you.  Just to throw some light 
>on some of your other points.
>You are right, this mailing list is quiet but it is available to 
>everyone to use.  People are free to raise topics of interest on the 
>mailing list, ask questions or even vent 
>(constructively).  Unfortunately, people choose not to for the most part.
>It would be great if you and others did participate more in the irc 
>meetings.  The more opinions and ideas that get expressed at the 
>meetings the better those meetings will be and, as a consequence, 
>the more vibrant our LoCo will become.  People can participate as 
>much or as little as they want.
>The meeting logs including the minutes can be found on the Ubuntu 
>wiki.  Specifically the minutes and logs are imported into wiki 
>pages that are indexed at:
>I believe the logs are also automagically linked to the 
>corresponding meeting event listing on our LoCo Team portal (Home 
>page at: 
>Note: our website currently redirects to our LoCo Team Portal page.
>I used to post monthly reminders about meetings. Further back I used 
>to report the links to the minutes/logs on the mailing list but I 
>got the feeling that no one was interested so I stopped.
>I'm all for getting people to interact more so any suggestions would 
>be greatly appreciated.
>While I'm at it, full details of the Ubuntu Ireland online resources 
>are as follows
>Website: (under redevelopment) currently redirect to 
>LoCo Team Portal (LTP)
>Mailing list: 
>IRC Channel: #ubuntu-ie on the FreeNode network
>(even quieter than mailing list)
>Twitter/identica username: @ubuntuie
>Facebook: Ubuntu-ie
>Google plus: Ubuntu Ireland
> ubuntuie (team event photos are stored here)
>I think that's it
>Best Regards,
>On 21/05/12 15:33, Android Stream wrote:
>>I totally agree this been an LTS release... We would love to have 
>>some CDs here in 091 Labs, is always good to have some CDs to show 
>>to people. Most of our members use some version or other of Ubuntu 
>>and we always try to introduce new comers to Ubuntu.
>>I'm on with my final exams at the moment and I have one on Thursday 
>>morning and I won't be able to make it to the meeting if it goes 
>>ahead but I will try to have another member to join you.
>>Now that I'm at it, on the IRC meetings I find myself hard to 
>>motivate myself to attend to them. I love Ubuntu and I use it 
>>everyday and I would like to share it with other people and I find 
>>(the few times that I join the IRC meeting) that there's very 
>>little I can do or participate, specially from Galway.
>>I find this mailing list instead very quite... I don't know how 
>>many people are subscripted to this mailing list but although 
>>people may not answer they still read the emails (at least I do), I 
>>like to follow on what is going on and I'm sure there's a lot of 
>>people in the same situation. I find that if I don't attend the IRC 
>>meetings I don't really know what is going on. I could go and to 
>>the IRC backup thread and see what was said on the meeting but this 
>>is an extra step I never do. I don't even know where to find it 
>>because I never bothered to follow up, but If more talk was in 
>>mailing list I would follow up and even interact a bit more, 
>>perhaps a minutes meeting on this mailing list may help people 
>>interact a bit more also...
>>Not sure if other people share the same thought but this was 2c anyway..
>>Regards, Carles
>>On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 12:57 PM, Mike O'Donohue 
>><<mailto:airurando at>airurando at> wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>Last Wednesdays meeting failed to happen due to insufficient 
>>numbers showing up.  I'm just wondering should we have another 
>>attempt to hold the meeting this Wednesday to discuss distribution 
>>of the CDs. This topic was suggested on the mailing list last week 
>>before the aborted meeting It is a very important item for 
>>discussion. I believe the 12.04 LTS iteration is very special and 
>>the CDs should be used effectively for advocacy with minimum 
>>waste.  I also believe that advocacy efforts for the 12.04 CDs will 
>>go on until 14.04 is released.  In my opinion these CDs should go 
>>to people curious about trying ubuntu linux.
>>Just my 2 cents on the topic.  I think it should be discussed in a 
>>meeting soon.
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