Response from Mark Shuttleworth Re: UEFI

Laura Czajkowski laura at
Wed Jun 20 08:32:23 UTC 2012

As it's a very hot topic I thought I'd share with folks, you can also join the devel list to follow the discussion


"We've been working to provide an alternative to the Microsoft key, so
that the entire free software ecosystem is not dependent on Microsoft's
goodwill for access to modern PC hardware. We originally flagged the
UEFI / SecureBoot transition as a major problem for free software, we
lead the efforts to shape the specification in a more industry-friendly
way, and we're pressing OEM partners for options that will be more
broadly acceptable than Red Hat's approach.

SecureBoot retains flaws in its design that will ultimately mandate that
Microsoft's key is on every PC (because of core UEFI driver signing).
That, and the inability of SecureBoot to support multiple signatures on
critical elements means that options are limited but we continue to seek
a better result." -- Mark Shuttleworth

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