which ubuntu server version

Bob Jolliffe bobjolliffe at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 08:45:28 UTC 2012

Hi all

I'm looking for an opinion regarding server versions.  In general I am
ultra-conservative about sticking to the LTS releases for production
setups.  Consequently I have a number of 10.04 servers currently under
my stewardship.  But as we rapidly approach the 12.04 release date I
am in two minds about a server I am setting up this week.

Users would like to have tomcat7 and postgres 9.1 and these are not in
the official lucid repositories.  There are some backports and ppas
around but tomcat7 in particular seems hard to find a reliable looking
source.  What do you think is the best approach - to install 11.10 and
look to upgrade to the LTS in May?  Or stick with 10.04 for a few
months more and hack in the tomcat7 support?  I suspect the first will
be easier but it is a bit of a climb down for me as I have been
harassing colleagues to stick with the LTS i production environments.
 But given that we will likely upgrade to the new LTS a month or two
after release it will probably be easier to upgrade from 11.10,
particularly with the tomcat7 dependency.

Any thoughts?


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