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Fri Dec 7 21:59:43 UTC 2012

Hey folks.

This is my first time writing in to the mailing list. However i usually read or at least scan every email that comes in. In the last year, i've notices the laps in emails, due to inactivity.

Over the last few months there was a lot of talk and a lack of talk about the state of the Irish loco team in the last year. As Somebody mentioned in an earlier mailing list post the reapproval date is this year, (To be specific it is the 30/6/2013.) and that maybe it would be in the best to let it pass. I can see where he/she (can't remember who it was ) is coming from but it think that this would be putting a nail in the coffin of the team.

There is several suggestions which i think we should try out before making a decision whether or to reapply or not to reapply for approved local team status in June of next year.

Here are some of my suggestions.

1) Local promotions.- Every Friday System 76 give free stickers. If you live outside the US of A , you are suppose to contact your local loco team and they give there list here of what team take part ( The person who wants the stickers is asked to send a stamp addressed envelope to the loco team. However as the Irish team do not take part in this , this free service  is unavailable. I would like if the admin(s) could discuss arranging a few stickers to be sent over to the team.

2) I think Publicity is important for ubuntu and this loco team . I would suggest that outing, gatherings, news ect should be posted on the site as people might not know or even hear of the mailing lists.Get a thread going and ask an admin to get it made as a sticky.

3) I don't know wheather many people play PC games here, but i'm Sure you heard of linux gamers complaining. Well if there is a large group of gamers here it might be worth setting up an Irish linux group on steam ,as valve have announced a steam client for linux and is it currently in beta. Just another thought.

4) Restart the irc chats , but experiments with different time slots and maybe shorter one. ie 30 minutes every month ,instead of dedicating an hour and having nobody show. Just an experiment to try out.

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