How is the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo doing?

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the issue of meetups is one that i've thought about quite a bit.  there is also the pint of the day meetups once a month so any monthly meeting is competing against those.  they are generic linux meetings.  a specialist single distro meetup once a month seems to be too much for the small community.

perhaps every 2 or even better every 3 months the physical meetups should take place.  the greater interval means that there'll be more to talk about if the same 3-4 folk turn up at least :-)

oh and as a gamer what ever interval is chosen avoid meetups in august as that is the worst month as a percentage of available people will be on holiday or unable to change plans as they are filling in for those on holiday.

we could even use the potd meetings as a contact point just by making sure that somebody is there with ubuntu logos on hoodies tshirts or plushie.  only 1-2 of the usual 3-4 suspects need do that.

but i don't want to see the loco die.  ubuntu and linux in general deserves better.

my 2c, hope it was worth reading,

On Sat, 04 Aug 2012 21:12:28 +0100, Android Stream <carles at> wrote:

> Not so long ago I mention a few things I thought about the dynamics on the
> group, it was more on about the IRC and the mailing list.
> As a Galway member is harder to take part on the meetings, etc and I always
> found hard to attend the IRC meetings as usually would be busy somewhere
> else. One of the reasons I prefer the mailing list as I can engage on a
> conversation at my convenient time.
> I also found just like Jeffrey pointed out, which is hard to keep people
> engage with the group, not because of the lack of interest but because of
> the overlap on so many other groups.
> In 091 Labs most members use one distro or another based from Ubuntu, and
> they all love it and like it, but within the hackerspace we also have the
> GLUG (Galway Linux User Group), python group and of course the labs itself.
> All the members within those groups are already members of the hackerspace
> and we all see each other on a regular basis.
> At least here in 091 Labs the GLUG seems to be a bit more successful, think
> because it doesn't tie the group to a singular distro but Linux in General
> which in itself Ubuntu is already involved.
> With that said I wouldn't like to see the group disappearing.
> On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 7:29 AM, Mike O'Donohue <airurando at> wrote:
>> Thanks for that Jeffrey,
>> True words.
>> Just to add a little info.  I was asked off list about the requirements
>> for gaining/maintaining approved status for LoCo Teams. In case others are
>> wondering about the same question I thought i'd stick a copy of my reply
>> with this thread:
>> Hi,
>> Not sure what the minimum requirements are.  Guidelines on gaining LoCo
>> approval and reapproval can be found at:
>> I just feel that currently we are coming up severely short.
>> Mike
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>> Hello Mike and follow Ubuntuers
>> You rise a lot of great questions.
>> I will give me two cents on the situation.
>> I think the root cause of where we are now can be traced back to the
>> canceling of the regular face to face meetups.
>> The next question is why did theses stop happening ?
>> It got to the point where it was the same four and five people at
>> these meetups having the same conversation each month. People just got
>> bored and stopped going. It ended up where it was just a small group
>> of friends who see each other outside the meetings anyway, so there
>> was little point in meeting for "ubuntu" anymore.
>> So if we start meeting up again will it go back to the good times ?
>> Without fresh infusion of newcomers(regularly) to these meetups they
>> are doomed to fail and stop happening again.
>> We have to keep them fresh and every changing to keep them alive.
>> If this is some thing you want speak up and let this loco fall
>> silently into oblivion
>> Jeffrey Roe,
>> On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 10:18 PM, Mike O'Donohue <airurando at>
>> wrote:
>> > Hi All,
>> >
>> > I'm wondering what is the state of the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo?  Since
>> > reapproval last year things have slowed down dramatically.  The things
>> which
>> > greatly helped our reapproval in 2011 have all fallen off the tracks.
>> > Regular irc meetings, hosting other events, timely team reports, team
>> > website and more have all dwindled or disappeared (not saying all are
>> > necessary but surely some of them are).
>> >
>> > I'm not complaining, I fully appreciate that each individual involved is
>> > doing so on a voluntary basis, but I just don't want things to drift
>> along
>> > as is without discussion.  Based on the current level of activity I
>> > personally couldn't support the next reapproval effort (about a year
>> away).
>> > Perhaps the approved status of the LoCo isn't important.  Interest in
>> Ubuntu
>> > and the Irish LoCo has waned (no need to rehash reasons here).  All that
>> is
>> > fair enough.
>> >
>> > I just want to get a healthy discussion going concerning the state of the
>> > LoCo.
>> >
>> > Some initial questions that come to mind (not an exhaustive list):
>> >
>> >  Is there anyone on the list interested in taking a more active role in
>> the
>> > LoCo?
>> >
>> > Is our LoCo becoming far less active and if so is that acceptable to all?
>> >
>> > Are we heading towards a non approved state and are we happy with that?
>> >
>> > If we wish to remain approved how should we achieve this?
>> >
>> > I'm certainly not trying to be controversial here I just want to have
>> this
>> > discussed openly and fully.
>> >
>> > Best Regards to All,
>> >
>> > Mike O'Donohue
>> >
>> >
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